Great value and very convenient – sightseeing via a taxi!

Features of Lucky Taxi

High Quality of Service

The Lucky Group has established various training systems for all drivers,
and is constantly improving quality in customer service and standards.
We always strive to provide a truly heart-felt service.

More than 50 Taxi Sightseeing Crew are Enrolled

In addition to the Sightseeing Meister certification from Sasebo City,
we have set up a Sightseeing Crew (internal qualification)
certification system and are striving to improve service quality
so that you can fully enjoy sightseeing.
At present, more than 50 certified Crew members are enrolled.

You can call a taxi with the app

Please download the application from the following QR code and use it.

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The Largest Number of "Base Taxis" in the City

The only taxis allowed onto the US Navy base are vehicles with a permit.
The Lucky Group owns 74 ""Base Taxis"" that are allowed access,
the largest number of any company in the city.
We will provide you with a smooth ride at any time.

Lucky Automobile Co., Ltd.

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